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The Modern Methods of Construction, a better way to build. Build faster and cheaper with Matrix Structures Manufacturing

Matrix is the UK’s leading manufacturer of construction and infrastructure services (MMC). We provide specialist design and build capabilities, project managing on all aspects of a project to ensure it runs smoothly every step-of-the way. We work on projects ranging from small residential developments to complex commercial or industrial facilities that require an expert eye for detail as well as sensitivity in understanding more about what our customers need out of their new building.

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The new standard in modern methods of construction

Building the future with Matrix Structures.

Save time and money with our innovative building solutions

Modern Methods for a Modern World.

    Matrix Structures Build a house in 3months

  • We offer precision-built superstructures for homes and commercial. We use cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to create beautiful, energy efficient buildings that are built faster than traditional construction methods.

    Matrix Structures

We can help you find a modern method of construction, if you're looking!

Matrix Structures Manufacturing Rapid Growth Success

Turnkey solutions are available for all your construction needs. We can handle everything, from site prep and excavation to the final step of construction. Our team has decades-long experience in the industry. We are always up to date on all the latest building regulations so you don't have to worry about safety and quality.

  • It is cost-effective to have your home built offsite

  • Construction is a booming business and it won't slow down anytime soon.

  • Construction is a complex process that requires many skills and trades.

We believe you deserve the best possible service when it comes to your business or home. That is why we work hard everyday to provide top-quality results at an affordable cost. For more information, contact us today!

About our Work

The matrix structures approach to off-site construction is based on our commitment to: · Designing and manufacturing pre-engineered structures that are reusable/reconfigurable and have the highest value-added and performance Delivering projects that are at the forefront of the industry and exceed expectations · Working with our clients to maximize their project's return on investment

Building homes

Matrix Structures Ltd, is a leading provider of custom-engineered metal building systems, specialising in offsite fabrication for a variety of applications. We are the preferred choice for designers and contractors because our product is designed to give our customers more choices with regard to how they build their projects.

Matrix Structures UK

A Fast Turnkey Construction for your Perfect Development

Homes, schools and park homes are some of the most popular structures that we build. Our buildings offers a quick, reliable construction solution that is perfect for any type of structure.

We prepare all of our panels at the plant to fit each other perfectly. This means that the precision manufacturing are all produced to size.

In addition we offer an installation service where our qualified team can install your structure from start-to finish!

With our panellised system, there's no need for you to have to wait around. We take care of all the assembly on site and delivery.

All you have to do is call Matrix Structures!

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